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Barry Hackney, Collector Car Specialist

Barry Hackney


Barry Hackney has been a Studebaker collector and SDC member for 35 years and is an expert on post war Studebakers.

Barry’s passion as a collector car specialist, his background as an auto body repair specialist, and expert knowledge of the the Studebaker-Packard brand, along with an extensive collection of post WW-II Studebaker-Packard model cars and trucks, makes TEXAS STUDEBAKER RANCH the best place the find that classic Studebaker or Packard car you have been looking for, or use Barry’s extensive database and online eBay store to get what you need to restore and keep your Studebaker or Packard running for years to come.

To understand the car you have to know about it’s history. CLICK HERE to read a little about the history of Studebaker-Packard since World War II. And watch the slideshow for a quick trip through time.

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