Texas Studebaker Ranch


“Specializing in postwar Studebaker-Packard cars & trucks. Chrome plated grills, bumpers & trim. Body, engine, brake parts, miscellaneous parts.”

Texas Studebaker Ranch is collection of classic  postwar Studebaker-Packard cars & trucks, started by aficionado and Studebaker expert and SDC member Barry Hackney.

With such an extensive collection pf Studebaker and Packard cars, occassionally other collectors and enthusiasts will contact Barry regarding a specific part that is on of the  vehicles in collection, all of which are in different stages of restoration. and covering the entire array of 40’s to ’60’s Studebaker-Packard models.  Barry, in turn, may negotiate a sale or trade with the other collector in reference to any inquiry.

Chrome plated grills, bumpers & trim. Body, engine, brake parts; glass, weather seal, brake & suspension parts are available through the Custom Polish and Chrome plating shop.  The shop also offers services including high quality chrome plating, die cast and stainless repair and polishing at competitive prices.

Though the Texas Studebaker Ranch has such a large number of vehicles in its collection, only a few are  listed on our for sale page, and  are just a small sampling of some of the items we carry in our ON-LINE eBay STORE, or through our custom polish and chrome plating shop

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